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Conditions of use


These Terms of Use are for the purchase of products made ​​remotely via computer network www.impactsurf.com on the site belonging to the IMPACT SURF, Lung. May 9, 40 to 42 a / b 70123 Bari VAT 06308450722. Every purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 185/99, Legislative Decree no. 206/05; the information for the conclusion of the contract will be submitted to the art. 12 of Legislative Decree no. 70/03 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, will be subject to the rules set forth in Legislative Decree no. 196/03.


By placing an order online, the customer sends to the IMPACT SURF an offer to purchase the product and / or products in the cart. When the customer places an order online, after free registration for the products you have entered in your cart, you agree to purchase at the price and terms set out in these Conditions of Sale.
IMPACT SURF inform the Customer acceptance and confirmation of the order or in the absence of communication, confirmation will be considered tacit. The client, before sending the order, inspects and accepts the terms and conditions of sale.


1. These Terms and Conditions of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, transmission and acceptance of purchase orders with regard to the products featured on the site www.impactsurf.com between portal users and society at IMPACT SURF time of the order, as described in the relevant data sheets. The technical information included in this site www.impactsurf.com faithfully reproduce those of the manufacturers of the products included in the catalog. IMPACT SURF therefore, reserves the right to change the technical information of products to match those provided by the manufacturers without any prior notice.
The correct order is confirmed by IMPACT SURF by a reply by e-mail, sent to the email address supplied by the customer. This confirmation message will contain date and time of receipt of the order and a Customer Order Number, to be used in any further communication with the IMPACT SURF. The message will include all data entered by the customer who agrees to verify the correctness and communicate any corrections, as described in this document. The customer can also check the status of your order by logging in to the website dedicated to him in the "Login" or "control orders". E 'strictly prohibited to the customer enter false and / or fantasy, the registration process required for the conclusion and execution of the Agreement and the subsequent communications; personal data and e-mail address must be the only real data and not some other person, or fantasy. The customer assumes all liability for the consequences related to incorrect indication of their data and indemnity IMPACT SURF from any liability arising from the tax records are incorrect due to errors in the data provided by the Customer.

3. All prices on this website are retail prices and, therefore, inclusive of VAT 22%. IMPACT SURF reserves the right to change prices at any time without prior notice. The customer is required to check the final price of sale before sending the order proposal.

4. The site http://www.impactsurf.com all products are presented in the "ordered" because, if it is not already available for immediate delivery, IMPACT SURF agrees with supplies from the manufacturer and deliver the item based on the timing of the company.


Payment must only be made in a lump sum at the time of order and only in Euros.
If the payment from the customer does not take place within 5 days after you order, IMPACT SURF will consider the order canceled.
Only when the amount is credited to the account of the IMPACT SURF we will send the item in parent and only then will begin to run day for shipping and delivery.
However, if the item is already in stock and ready to ship, to credit the amount to the account of the IMPACT SURF, we will ship the goods directly.


PayPal & Credit Card
We choose PayPal as a platform for electronic payments, to provide flexibility and security.
You can use your PayPal account or, without registering, use one of the credit cards accepted.


PayPal protects payments via credit card and provides them with technology and encryption systems Secure Sockets Layer (SSL with a level of 128-bit encryption) - more details on security.

Bank transfer in advance
Once you have made ​​your purchase we must proceed with payment by bank transfer: you can do it online, on your bank's website, or by going to your bank, will depend on the contract with your bank.

Since the payment is on our account we confirm the dispatch of the shipment.
These data to make the transfer:
Header: Vanillaz of Iacobazzi Fabrizio
Reason: order number (sent via email)
IBAN: IT20F0306941392100000001162
swiftcode: bcititmm

A word of advice: to speed up the delivery, when disporrai code CRO, which confirms the transaction by taking charge of your bank, please send us the code and we will arrange the shipment immediately. Since the sum will be available on our account, we will send the order.


3. Cash or Bank Draft or Circular
Only in the case of withdrawal at our headquarters in Bari, within 5 days of purchase, the customer must reach us via the web and paying off all orders in cash (for transactions less than € 1,000.00 as per the current provisions of the Act) or by check or money order made ​​payable to IMPACT SURF NON-TRANSFERABLE.


Unless otherwise specified in the description of the item under the relevant price, the product is meant to be ordered in the parent resulting in an average waiting time of between 20 to 40 days for both the article itself that the current production situation of the parent . The day count starts from the date of the order of IMPACT SURF which occurs only after receiving the goods on their account balance by the end customer.


For orders placed on www.impactsurf.com IMPACT SURF issue tax invoice on receipt of the advance payment of the goods. Subsequently, the goods will travel on a regular DDT sales. This will be followed by the end of the delivery month regular bill of sale with the reversal of the advance sales already in the process of receiving the balance. The invoice will be issued if there is registered as a company, and with VAT number and Fiscal Code, and as a private entity with the Tax Code only. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer. No change in the bill will be possible after the issuance thereof. Shipping costs and any optional services are charged to the customer and are shown explicitly at the time of order and invoice. In the case of items sold with "Free Shipping" delivery will be made only with our carrier to the address given roadway. Payment for the goods by the customer will be using the method chosen when ordering. No fees or commission is due to IMPACT SURF. The delivery of the ordered goods are approximate and may vary due to force majeure or due to traffic conditions and road conditions in general or by the Authority. No responsibility can be attributed to the IMPACT SURF for a delay in the order or delivery of goods ordered.

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to check that the number of items added to the bubble is equal to that of the packages received and that the packaging is not damaged, not wet or otherwise altered and are not used tapes with initials of the courier. Any external damage or noise "suspect" should be immediately reported to the carrier making the delivery, adding the words "subject to removal" by specifying a reason, on the appropriate document delivery. In the case of damaged package write "subject to removal because the package is damaged." Of course it will be necessary to inform the IMPACT SURF no later than 2 days after receipt of the goods, by sending a 'e-mail with photographs and a simple statement of what happened at info@impactsurf.com. Once signed the slip affixed without any reservation, IMPACT SURF may no longer require clarification to the carrier for which the goods were delivered in good condition. Even the packaging is intact, the goods must be checked within 3 days of receipt. Each alert on purchases over these terms will not be considered. For each statement, the customer assumes full responsibility for the statements.

Taking the customer directly from our warehouse:
The customer, however, for any kind of article, it is free to take charge personally of the socket / the neck / s directly from our warehouse in Bari. Obviously it is mandatory to fix an appointment by calling (+39) 080 534 38 01 Monday to Friday. In this case IMPACT SURF has no right to ask the customer reimbursements or subsidies for transport and is also released from any type of dispute for goods damaged by damage that may result from improper actions during loading, handling and / or discharge of / the neck / the same, so from transactions in the transport of the goods, on which the IMPACT SURF in this specific case does not warrant since the customer at their own peril, is suitable for the carriage taking risks arising.

Delivery by courier at street level: IMPACT Surf in its sole discretion and with its thirty years of experience in relation to articles, weights and dimensions, will decide whether to use a classic courier or use a carrier specialized in the furniture industry. Delivery is always to the road side truck, then the customer will eventually cooperate with the driver in the exhaust and worry to make available to other people in relation to the quantity, weight and volume of packages that make up the finished item purchased.


1. All products sold by IMPACT SURF are covered by the manufacturer's warranty of 12 months for any lack of conformity, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 24/02, provided it is used correctly, in accordance with its intended use. To use the warranty, the customer will keep the invoice and DDT received with the purchased goods.

2. In the event of lack of conformity, IMPACT SURF provides, at no cost to the customer, the restoration of conformity by repair / replacement of all or part of the article or the proposal of an appropriate reduction of the price. Found not to conform, if the goods were no longer in production will be replaced with one of the same capacity and features. If, however, as a result of intervention by the parent, should not be a lack of conformity in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 24/02, the customer will be charged for any costs of verification and restoration required by, as well as shipping costs if incurred by the IMPACT SURF.

3. No damage can be obtained from the IMPACT SURF for any delay in repair or replacement of products under warranty.

4. In cases where the application of safeguards providing for the return of the product, the product must be returned by the Customer in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories); to limit damage to the original packaging, it is recommended that, when possible, to put it in another box; should be avoided in all cases the attachment of labels or tape directly on the original product packaging.