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Born in 1922, the first great success of the company was during the II World War, when it was chosen as the official supplier of all the uniforms of the US army. Taking advantage of this great economic boost, they decided to diversify production and start manufacturing different types of work clothes. They knew well how to combine quality with fashion, so their buyers began to use this clothing, created in principle for work, also in everyday life. And they were revolutionaries in many of the manufacturing techniques, such as the "hidden" seams, necessary to avoid possible tears. All this meant that, in 1950, the brand became the world leader in Workwear, also due to its expansion throughout the US continent. But it was in 1926 when their legendary trousers were born, which despite the passing of the years have remained intact, both in the cut and in the quality of the material. Today, in the American fashion world, Dickies pants and shirts are considered Legendary. Thousands of artists wear them (and have worn them), and not as sponsors, but voluntarily, because they like them, and this makes this brand even more authentic. In Europe, Dickies has arrived in recent years, as the company has always been family-owned. The collections distributed in our continent have purely workwear items combined with graphic t-shirts, oversized sweatshirts and slimmer cut trousers such as the 872 work pant, designed especially for a European public. Although, after all, that's the essence of this brand: streetwear, pure and tough streetwear, which can suit everyone we see walking on the street. 

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Backpack black Dickies

$ 69.86 $ 64.48
excluding shipping
Backpack from the classic Dickies collection.

Lunchbox black Dickies

$ 47.29 $ 41.91
excluding shipping
Lunchbox from the classic Dickies collection.

Bistro apron brown Dickies

$ 47.29 $ 41.91
excluding shipping
Men's work apron from the Dickies collection

Millerville cargo pant military Dickies

$ 96.72 $ 91.35
excluding shipping
Men's cargo pant from the Dickies classic skate collection

Kerman pant black Dickies

$ 79.53 $ 74.15
excluding shipping
Men's pant from the Dickies classic collection

Mount Vista t-shirt black Dickies

$ 42.99 $ 37.61
excluding shipping
Men's shirt from the Dickies skate collection.