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This is kiteboarding's first form-fitting, hardshell harness. 
One session in one of these and you'll never go back. 

Form and function synergize with our high-tech and eye-catching line of Elite Carbon Collection harnesses. Constructed with double carbon fiber and Kevlar, the Elite model is our lightest, strongest and stiffest of the three harnesses. Visually stunning, we’ve made these high-end harnesses works of art as well as finely-tuned tools for fun. Simply put, we’ve redefined the meaning of the phrase “state-of-the-art,” setting new standards for next generation kite harnesses in the process. Suggested pairing of The Elite Carbon harness with the all carbon bar and rope setup creates a riding experience unlike anything else available on the market. This streamlined system is enticingly lightweight and low profile. Once riders try this fluid, direct connection to the wind, they won’t want to go back.

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Saber V3 harness black Ride Engine

$ 364.32
excluding shipping
From the outside, the Saber looks the same as our other Ride Engine harness—but look closer. Using the same proprietary data that created our Elite Carbon hard-shell shape, the frame of the Saber is actually a Structurally Engineered Shell of slightly softer composite material for the kitesurfer or windsurfer that wants a bit more freedom in their ride. The injected-molded shell has purpose-driven contours that deliver more torsional flex than the Elite Carbon and Lyte harnesses while still providing the full benefits of Lumbar Lock fit and that coveted Ride Engine locked-in feel. The Saber comes equipped with Unity Ladder-Lock Straps so it's ready to plug into our Unity Spreader Bar for maximum connectivity and zero slippage.

Lyte Direct Connection V2 harness black Ride Engine

$ 419.13
excluding shipping
A Ride Engine harness can't just be lightweight—it also has to excel in terms of comfort and no-compromise performance. We accomplished this by utilizing the same data-driven design of our Elite Carbon and combing that with the latest in material technology. The ingenious Curv® composite material we use is not merely lightweight—its high tensile strength allows the shell to retain Ride Engine's scientifically designed Lumbar Lock shape, which has become renowned for eliminating harness rise and twisting on the body. Equipped with Direct Connection or Webbing Connection, the Lyte V2 integrates directly with our Unity Spreader Bar, which completely eliminates spreader bar slip and twist. Additionally making the Lyte the ultimate lightweight travel harness is our Cell-Lock Foam: thermoformed closed-cell foam that's Lycra laminated to virtually eliminate all water absorption and keep the harness light no matter how long your session.

Space Mob Vest Ride Engine

$ 204.19 $ 198.82
excluding shipping
Ride Engine Impact Vest

Empax V2 Vest orange Ride Engine

$ 171.95 $ 166.58
excluding shipping
Ride Engine protective vest

Sky Hook Wing Vest V1 balck Ride Engine

$ 204.19 $ 198.82
excluding shipping
Bump vest and connects you to the power of your glider with The Nug harness line hook

Defender HF Impact vest orange Ride Engine

$ 171.95 $ 166.58
excluding shipping
Ride Engine Impact Vest