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Board BK EBS Takuma

$ 1252.03 $ 858.69
excluding shipping
Thanks to its bamboo construction, it combines that extra stability and comfort with the perfect amount of performance and agility. If you are looking for a more forgiving ride for your sessions, look no further, the BK allows an exceptional wing foiling experience. The BK universal shape fits all levels, from beginners to the most advanced riders. The BK is easy to control, comfortable and versatile. N.B. The board is complete with straps

Waist leash black Takuma

$ 67.71 $ 64.48
excluding shipping
Waist positioning allows for maximum freedom of movement and a more intuitive grab location should you come off your board as it is closer to your hands. -Coiled to prevent drag in the water; -Easy release buckle; -Adjustable strap to fit nearly all body .

Profoil full set Takuma

$ 643.75
excluding shipping
The Profoil Full Sets are the perfect choice for riders looking to advance their wave and freeriding skills. The innovative winglets allow the wings to be more efficient at creating lift, while minimising drag for faster speeds. Their revolutionary performance will provide an excellent glide and maneuverability, aswell as an aggressive turning performance and make them exceptionally stable in chop.

Takuma RS 2023 Takuma

$ 686.73
excluding shipping
Introducing our master wing, born from the collaboration of legendary sail designer Robert Stroj, the RS will enhance your performance to unimaginable heights.

Takuma E-Foil Cruising V2

$ 6447.13
excluding shipping
Discover the unique feeling of flying above water.